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Weeks Air Museum Show

April 21st 2001

The fifteenth annual Florida Chapter NCRS meet was held at the Weeks Air Museum in Miami, Florida April 21st 2001. While nearly 60 new and vintage Corvettes gleamed in the sun, there were persistent rumors that the party was going be crashed by a Mustang. As rumors go, part of it was true. There was no crash, but right after lunch, the roar of a big engine was heard. It was so loud and pronounced that the entire assembly of Corvette enthusiasts came out of the Museum hanger and out from under the wings of war birds to see what was making the noise. Just as the throng made daylight, a gleaming P-51 fighter buzzed the Corvette Show.

Kermit Weeks, owner of the Weeks Air Museum is an avid collector, pilot and “buzzer” of the field. Polished aluminum accentuated by a blue nose with “Cripes All Mighty” in script, the P-51 taxied up and parked in the center of the show field. The Corvette enthusiasts were treated to seeing a fully operational P-51 fly and have Kermit point out the details of his plane. Many enthusiasts had their Corvette photographed in front of the P-51.

Participants also enjoyed a barbeque lunch and received t-shirts with a one-off corvette design on the back to commemorate the show. Highlights of the show were Larry Forman’s ’57 solid axle. The beautifully restored Corvette looked right at home next to the war era planes. Equally beautiful under the hanger lights was Jim and Linda Littrell’s Top-Flight ’66 red roadster. Dave Walters created quite a stir when he drove into the hanger with his brilliant white ‘67 L-88 coupe. Equally impressive were the Corvettes following Dave. Among the beauties were Lewis Brown’s ’67 NCRS Top Flight Maroon Coupe and his all original, green ’71 LS-6. Jeff Ashen’s Duntov award winning ’66 Convertible looked great under the lights of the hanger. Keith Geel of the Florida Chapter made a special trip to Miami from Longwood, FL, in his red mid-year. Sunshine Corvette Club and the Weeks Air Museum thank the NCRS Florida Chapter for their continued support of the event. In time it is hoped that this will become a “feeder” show for the Orlando Meet. Thanks also go to our Sponsors. Dave Walters, Walters Engineering; Roberta Morrison, First Home Title; Chico Goldsmith, The Concord Building; and Chuck’s Auto. The early morning set-up crew of Jim Ferrare, Chico Goldsmith, Frank Jacobs, Larry Forman, Gary Shanock and Tom Taylor did an outstanding job as did the Show Registrar, Diana Hegg. Chief Judges were Diana Hegg, Chico Goldsmith and Gary Shanock.

Photos of the Event