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National Corvette Restorers Society

Formed in 1974, the National Corvette Restorers Society is a non-profit hobby group of 14,000 + families dedicated to the restoration, preservation, history and enjoyment of Corvettes made from the model years 1953 through 1982.

If youI are looking for a 1953-82 Corvette:

Ignorance is not bliss-it can be really expensive!
The seller is telling you "the numbers match"- do you know what they mean? Are they truthful? Join the NCRS and learn from all of the information we have gathered in the last 20 years to make a wise decision when you purchase your Corvette.


If you already own a 1953-82 Corvette:

Don't re-invent the wheel! No matter what you are up to, NCRS members have been there before. Benefit from all of the information we have gathered in the last 20 years to make better and smarter decisions as you restore and maintain your valuable Corvette.

The Corvette Restorer
Our quarterly magazine was recently described by Richard Prince in Vette
Magazine as:
"Absolutely the finest automobile 'club' publication in existence... Even if you don't like stock 'original-type' cars, and will never attend an NCRS function, the magazine by itself is worth the price of dues."

Old Cars Weekly has honored The Corvette Restorer with ten Golden Quill awards. Members use the magazine's 60-plus pages to learn and share historical, restoration, and technical material. No ads ever. Best of all, you can benefit from over twenty years of amassed knowledge because members can get copies of any article that we've ever printed.

The Driveline Newsletter
Our bimonthly
Driveline newsletter is the perfect companion publication to the magazine. Members receive a free 50-word ad in each issue- and hundreds use this space to buy, sell, or trade Corvettes and parts. You will find more 1953-82 items here than anywhere else. The Driveline is also used to keep members updated on NCRS Chapter events, Regional meets, the National Convention and other hobby news. As a special members-only service, the NCRS sells Corvette books and literature at far below retail prices through the Driveline.

NCRS Judging
The NCRS has compiled and is constantly updating highly detailed judging standards and rules for each basic model division from 1953 through 1982. The guidelines in these
NCRS Judging Manuals are recognized throughout the hobby as THE STANDARD in determining originality. The judging system is designed to educate each owner about their car as well as providing recognition for excellence in the areas of restoration, performance, or preservation. It is not a "cleanliness contest" like other events, nor do you compete against your friends' Corvettes. Judging is not done by some secret group of "experts". You can learn to judge, or you can have your Corvette evaluated by other NCRS members. Over 2,000 members are currently recognized for their judging expertise. Last year, these members judged 856 Corvettes at NCRS events nationwide.

Nationwide Events
The NCRS sponsors one National Convention, eight Regional Meets, and dozens of chapter meets every year. These family oriented events occur year-round across the country. They feature NCRS Concourse Judging, displays of rare Corvettes, social gatherings, Corvette road tours, parts and literature swaps, technical sessions, plant tours, seminars, special guest speakers, and much more. Our meets have featured such Corvette notables as Zora Arkus-Duntov and his wife Elfie, Larry Shinoda, Dave McLellan, Noland Adams, Dr. Dick Thompson, Dick Guldstrand, Bob Clift, Reeves Callaway, and many others.

Technical Help
NCRS members benefit from mountains of technical information that they can rely on. When you join the NCRS, you access the combined knowledge of previous members. Everything imaginable is covered from the most technical "how-to" restoration article to general information about insurance and storage. As an example: there are more than 300 separate Corvette Restorer articles available that cover only Mid-year (1963-67) Corvettes! A group of 14 Technical Advisors, who are recognized as the authorities in their fields, are also just a letter away. Basically, whatever problem you might run into has been solved in past years by other NCRS members Why re-invent the wheel?

Join Today!
In the words of Richard Prince writing in Vette
The National Corvette Restorers Society has undeniably done more to shape the nature of the Corvette hobby today than anyone or anything else.
You should be a part of this organization. Call and join today! Both you and your car will find it a worthy and enjoyable experience.